In this article i will show to you,How to earn extra money for your phone bills,from your phone.Here are the list of some apps,Which can help you to generate some extra cash.

1- Field Agent:

It is very nice app.This apps provides the simple task on your nearest location.You complete the task and get paid for it.Remember for easy going please select your right location on this app.No extra qualification required to make money with this app.

This app is available on android and ios.The concept of this app is based on photo sharing.Get likes on your uploaded photo and earn money as an reward.
You can make very good amount of money from your dog’s pics.

If you have some old books and want to earn money with them,Then you can sell your old books on this app.You have to just scan the barcode of the books.App will provide the list of companies with good offers.According to the offer you can sell them.

4-Cash for laptop:

It is a web based application.Just upload the picture and details of your old laptop.They will find the good buyer for you.You can sold your old laptop here
on good price.It is very good app if you are looking to sell old laptops.