There is new trend in work from home.There are many apps available on net for earning money.But the problem is how to find a genuine app.After research, our team is found some genuine app.So that you can earn dollars.
You can fiverr app on google play.It is a digital marketplace.where you can sell your digital service and earn dollars.Many sellers are earning decent income from fiverr.You can sell your
seo service and digital marketing service and many more.
2-FLipkart Seller Hub
You can find this app on google play.It is a largest marketplace in india.You can make money by two methods.In first method you can promote their products as an affiliate.Many affiliates
earning high income by this method.In the second method you can goods as a seller.They are paying in every 15 days payment cycle. is website they offered payment for installing their promotional apps.You can earn $1 per apps install.They did not have any joining fee.Any one can install their apps
and earn money.Payment by paypal and payza with daily payment cycle.

4-Task Bucks
Task bucks available on google play.It is a free app.In this app you have to download app and get reward.In rewards you can earn recharge and various gifts.If you are looking some bucks in free time then this is good option for you.