You’ve probably heard it a million times: use this app and you can make tons of money with ease. Nine times out of ten, this is a scam, but just because they often are does not mean there aren’t actually apps like that available for you to use. There are apps out there that offer real cash and real rewards to their users, it’s just a matter of picking reality apart from the scams, and here are five paying apps you can look into without fear of scams right from the get go.

  1. Gigwalk

Most of the apps that pay you do require you to actually do something to earn it, but even so it’s usually a matter of convenience. One such app that pays you for the completion of minor tasks is Gigwalk, an app that has ‘gigs’ available in your area for completion that usually pay you a few bucks. These gigs can include taking a picture of a restaurant’s menu or simply going into a retail store and confirming that a product is still available within the store. These minor tasks usually pay around four to seven dollars, but the more you complete the more access you’ll have to higher paying gigs, which can pay up to ninety dollars. Unfortunately Gigwalk only operates in the most major cities in America.

  1. Field Agent

Field Agent is incredibly similar to Gigwalk. In fact, some people may say it is the exact same thing. The most notable difference is that it can be used across the country, and that, in a roundabout kind of way, you work for a company interested in knowing about the state of its own affairs. Field Agent offers minor tasks and jobs that include noting the quality of retail buildings, noting which items are out of stock in stores, and seeing how identical the same aisles of different stores of the same chain are. These are mostly jobs for companies to see how things are coming along, and they allow you to make a quick buck with ease.

  1. CheckPoints

As you’ve probably figured by now, most of these apps reward you for physically going places, and CheckPoints is no exception. CheckPoints allows you to go into certain retail stores or pharmacies like CVS, scan the barcodes of items to prove you were there, and get points for rewards like gift cards, simple as that. You don’t even have to actually buy anything.

  1. WeReward

WeReward is an app that grants you points for completing certain fun little tasks and whenever you check into the app itself. Each point is worth one penny, and at a thousand points you can redeem them through PayPal. You have to use a Facebook, Twitter, or FourSquare account to use it though.

  1. MyLikes

MyLikes works in a similar fashion to pay per click advertisement. You can scroll through available endorsements, let them have a place on your social media page, and every click you get will pay the amount the app said it would.